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Facebook World August 8, 2015

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Hi all,

How’s day? It’s always been awhile for me to update my life story, isn’t it?

Trust me, writing in this always be back in my mind. How I wish I could discipline myself to drop a line or two every week. I know, ideally- it would be great every day, like what I first started blogging.

Guess what guys? I am on Facebook now! Excited or nervous? I am not into Facebook actually, but I do notice students, nowadays, not into emails much. Though my uni provides us e-learning system, still the message doesn’t really go directly to students.

I reckon I have to accept that ‘speak as their language’ and FB is their ‘language’. I hope I can communicate with my students better 😉

All right then.. to you.. and so called ‘my fans’ hahahah… please find me at Amalia Madihie.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Take care. Time to pray! Let’s …

Remember.. love is always in the air.. Love you all ~ Emma xxx


My Prayers…. January 19, 2015

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Dear bloggers,

I wish everyone in good health and every happiness, definitely! 😀

Guys, deep deep down in me, I feel the dilemma..torn.. Here I am in KL while my mom and sister alone at home in this rainy day. Rains hasn’t stopped yet since few days ago. I start to worry. I wish I could fly back.. but I know it’s irrational. I call mom now and then to check on them. I know my cousin, Boy, uncle and neighbors are looking up for each other. I guess, it is just me as daughter. I know, my mom and sister’s condition..our house condition.. Oh Allah! Please protect them. My heart beats faster now and then. Yes, I have so many things on my plate right now. It’s between my viva (our future) and my loved ones. My old beautiful mom and my sister who can be so stubborn at times.

Last night, I didn’t sleep well. I knew I need good night sleep and rest well. But now, I am not sure whether I am nervous due to my viva or them or maybe both. I hope I can handle this test from Allah.

I am thinking to change my flight to either on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I am not sure what will happen in my viva session and after my viva. What should I do? I guess, it’s best to fly home on Thursday. I can fly back to KL. Oh Allah, please ease my way this time. Please forgive me for my past. I know I am sinful and did many mistakes. Astagfiruallzim… I have many turning points in my life in the past 1 year. So many till I am scared. I am scared I didn’t have enough time to repent. I want to be better..a better Muslimah.

Oh Allah, please give me the strength in every step I make, every second I breathe. Please protect me, my mom, sister, relatives and friends..brothers and sisters from any danger. Please place my late dad to the best place with wara’ people. Oh Allah, please give us the best of the best in life. We come back to you, please give us Your mercy. Protect us from evil and syaitan. Oh Allah, give the greatest rezeki to people around me who always pray, encourage me, and love me. amin yaraballa’lamin.

All right my dearest bloggers. Thank you so much for your listening. Please keep praying the best in life, here and after.

Take care and love you always ~ Emma xx.

A Bright & Cooling Saturday January 17, 2015

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Dear bloggers,

How are you? I wish everyone in good health and every happiness 😉

I am in KL. Arrived on Thursday afternoon. Yesterday, I had a good meeting with my supervisor. There are two major feelings in me now- numb & nervous and can’t wait to go through this viva. I pray for calmness in every step I do. I can be clumsy at times. 🙂 I guess, that’s normal.

Thank you to my aunt and her family for letting me staying at their home. I can have my own space and praise to Allah as well, I still have my car in KL for me to move around. I am thinking to hit Starbucks. I guess, the nearest I know is at IOI Puchong.

Thank you also to my friends who give me support. Their prayers, really touch me. I hope everything goes fine at Kuching home. Mom and big sister are fine. I called my mom just now and it is still raining. Unlike here, it’s sunny.

I am sorry guys.. my mind jumps here and there. I think this blog will be very short. hehehe 😀 Please keep me in your prayers. Let’s pray together for our peaceful humankind.

Take care and have a great weekend 🙂

Remember to love today 😉
Love ~ Emma xx

News Break January 14, 2015

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Hi my dearest bloggers 🙂

How are you? I have nearly 9 min to midnite. A week before my ‘big day’- well a news that I’d like to break with everyone 🙂

Before that, please allow me to say THANK YOU for your prayers, your kind thoughts, your positive energy and the most important thing is your blessings as bloggers 🙂 I hope one day we can meet.. Yeah, meet up and be the reality friends! 😀

All right, my news is – I will having my PhD viva voce next Wednesday at 9am at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Selangor. I will flying to Kuala Lumpur this coming Thursday morning. I really hope my journey and my stay in KL will be smooth-sailing. Yes, I bet you know how much I feel about my PhD. Last Thursday I received the news from the Graduate School officer. I was numb. I still remember clearly what happened. I guess, it was a good day to hear the news- in the afternoon I attended my departmental meeting and my mind was distracted from the numbness. Then I came back to my office, called my very good friend- a big sister for me. Told her, and I started to cry. At that moment, in my mind, I could see flash by flash of my life story since end of October 2007. I think I started my blogging life in 2007 and shared with you my daily experiences.

How much I felt happy about something, amused, frightened, angered, scared, cheated…you just name the feelings. When I was in London, I learned a lot about life. I knew who was I, who was I really? What I wanted to be? Life didn’t pretty at all. But God always protect me. I met great people in my life journey. I met wrong people too. To teach me how to appreciate my life.

Then, my late dad fell sick. And I decided to come home for good. Left my London life. The big question at that time was – “Am I happy here?” I learned about happiness, the important of happiness. I came home and learned more. It was a happy moment to be with my parents. I knew it was safe. This is me- I try not to finish what I’ve started. Though it’s hard to move on, scared of being penalized, failure in life.. I faced the fears. I moved to KL to pursue my PhD- I could say- I started over. Do something I really want. I have a great supervisory team. They gave me freedom to learn and whenever I needed them, they were there for me. I didn’t deserve when someone told me that ‘Your writing is worst than undergrad student!’ No any guru or lecturer would say nasty thing like that.

I do still have the fears! I am scared my thesis writing..the way I present..do not up to the examiners’ standards and not up to the PhD standard. Yeah, I never told you about this. Here I am. I just said it! I want to role modeling my current supervisor. Many people respects him because of his works. Because of his contributions in counseling field. With his patience and beliefs in me, I moved on. There were times I was down and lost in my phd journey. But with one or two text messages, I backed on. Met him in person and talked to him in person, rejuvenated my spirit to check back my life goals. I am blessed to have great people around me. Alhamdullillah.

Wow! What an emotional night. 🙂 Please bear with me.

Anyway, I really hope I can complete all my marks by tomorrow and my reports. After tomorrow, I hope I can focus on my viva preparation. Please keep me in your prayers. Let’s pray for peace world, good heart, no assumption and speculation in us. I hope examiners- yet I don’t know them yet- are calm, happy with my presentation and the way I answer their questions. I hope I manage to go through this process with flying colors and outstanding.

Till then, take care and be good to yourself and to others.. Wherever you are, let’s believe love is in the air 😀 I hope to meet my Mr Prince soon. Who knows, right away after my viva yeah?

Good night my dearest bloggers and thank you very much.

Love always ~ Emma xx.

ps: Before that, let’s listen The Climb by Miley Cyrus. That’s my song represents my phd journey.

I Am Learning… January 8, 2015

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Dear my dearest bloggers.

“When was the last time you give compliment to someone?” – I like to start this question in my opening 😉

Guys, how are you? It’s been a long two days for me and my colleagues. We just lost a student this very early morning. She fought till then end. Death is certain and we don’t know when our time is. This morning, I was wandering- I wonder how much good deeds I do so far in this world? Will my last word ‘laaillaahaillallah’? How’s my part? Oh Allah, please give me, my parents, siblings, relatives, friends, brothers and sisters around the world, the best in this life till we die. amin..

Life is so short and I believe we are towards to end of the world. So many things happen around us. The war, natural disasters, human errors.. I believe this world is very old. Yet, I do hope I can achieve few things in life before I meet my Creator. I hope with my little knowledge, I can do good to people who around me. I know I cannot solve world’s problems. I reckon, to be a wife and to be a mother are my focus in life now. Praise to Allah, I have my education and career. Yes, I do want to grow in my career. No doubt about that! I do believe, if I found ‘the man’, he shall support me and vice versa. I don’t want to succeed alone. I love being hand-in-hand with someone. Share and be blessed together 🙂 For God’s willing 😉

An advertisement- Yes, I know- I start to worry about my PhD. I haven’t heard about my viva status. I keep trying to call the graduate school, but no luck still. I hope good reasons behind of this for me.

Anyway guys, as I mention, Life is so short, thus we need to live our life to the fullest. Balance our life in a good way. However, please keep remind each other. God always test us in various way. I hope we have good heart, not doing something for some returns. I think it’s not a problem to be an innocent or naive as long as our heart doesn’t have hatred or bad emotion towards someone or something.

It’s true when we are having a bad and long day, a good company and some healthy compliments will make us stronger and there is still belief. But please remember guys, don’t listen to the ‘bad guys’. Nauzubillah…

Acquaints or strangers are the best complimenter – I reckon. They don’t know us and they perceive first and fresh information about us. They observe us from our behaviors. The way we talk to people, the way we respond to people, and the way we use our words and our intonations. The way we present ourselves. They may not know yet our true colors, but it is true that first impression counts! Yes, in counseling, we cannot judge but as human being, this is us. But we need to remind ourselves to think and perceive good things about someones. I am not sure though, whether my statement is correct. But this is me. I am not good in initiating conversation with strangers or people I ain’t close enough. Some people may thing I am fierce, I am soft, I am ..this and that… This whole thing is about what I just mentioned just now.. “The way….” The perceptions.. So I guess, start from now, we need to do good to others. Never have bad intentions, false belief..let’s pray together that we are with the right and noble people who God blessed them always.

Grieving is normal when we have our biggest loss. Loss of loved ones, break-ups, etc.. I know the feelings may not the same from different individuals. But grieving is still grieving. It is an emotional trauma and it is a normal reaction due to trauma. That’s why we don’t feel exhausted about having this feeling until…. we realize something. Until we think back what are the things we did before the loss? We start to question ourselves. We start to reflect, reminisce and we start to believe something may happen to us..some people say about karma. Wallahua’alam…

Interesting right, about life? There are many things I want to do- 1. I want to pay my debts. This is so crucial now. I am worried. I don’t want to trouble my next-of-kin about this. I hope SOON I can pay my debts! I am tired of having this feeling.. unsettled..I start to question my stupidity last time. If I could go back to my past, the thing I wanted to undo is ‘this’. To undo my stupidity. I know I sound so irrational but I guess this is part of resiliency. One of the criteria of being resilient is we acknowledge our weaknesses and try our best to find means and ways to undo or change the weakness to a strength. For God’s willing.

Oh Allah..protect me, my family, my friends, my brothers and sisters around the world. Please give us strength to sail this wavy ocean of Yours..to acknowledge every bumps in life and wake us up so that we won’t fall down so deeply. Give us Your love, because I know You have the greatest love, unconditionally. Teach us and open our hearts to other’s love.

I ain’t Mother Theresa, but I am Emma. I want to be a good Muslim (I am still learning to be one and need someone to guide me ‘dunia akhirat’), a good daughter, a good sister to my big sister, and a good sister to my other sisters. I am learning to love again. I am learning to trust again. I am learning to forgive. I am learning to accept. I am learning to think rationally. I am learning to have good heart. Amin…

All right my dearest bloggers..It’s 12 midnight. New day..welcome to the 8th of January. Hey, it’s my cousin’s birthday. I want to wish her a Happy Birthday. And a happy news I just received.. a friend of mine from work, was accompanying our student’s family back to Kelantan who passed away this morning, safely landed to Kuching at midnight. Alhamdullillah..indeed he has a great heart. I don’t think I can do as his. He’s a good man too. I hope to meet many people who have good heart so that I can learn from them, the good ones 😉

Ok then, let me stop here and good night my dearest bloggers. Sweet dreams and thank you for reading my blog today. You are indeed a great ‘listener’! Please believe you are beautiful! 😀

Love always from me ~ Emma xx

My Personal Time January 3, 2015

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Dear bloggers,

Hey Hey!!! Surprise Surprise! I am back! 🙂 I know.. I guess taking days off from office really makes me think about what I want in life. I just watched movie with my mom (we seldom watch movie or tv together at night or at other time though). Good movie- The Last Song! Mylie Cyrus is the heroine of the movie. I think I am going to get the original copy of this and this movie is really good to talk with adolescents about death, father’s love, relationship, siblings, and most important is grieving. Good movie !! Of course, both of us cried (so predictable hehe)

Ok let’s forget about the movie. May be one day I can share about my grieving. For God’s willing 😉

All right, for the whole day, I feel like I want to write. Have you ever felt that there was something back in your head, and wanted to pour the idea out? But you just couldn’t! You felt like your head wanted to explode with these brilliant idea. You wanted to write them all on a piece of paper, but there were many distractions.

Well, I did write to someone special though..before my dinner this evening. I wrote an email to wish her Happy New Year and Merry Belated Xmas hehehe 🙂 Oh yeah, she is my very good friend in the States and I know I always can talk to her about anything. She was the first person who helped me to settle down when I was in the States back in 2002. She was there when I started my life in Cleveland, TN. She was the one who cooked halal chicken or was it halal turkey or salmon for Thanksgiving Day. She was a mother to me when I was in the States. Her name is Flora.
After MICC2014, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I had ‘something’ with my mom. Flora was the one who I could share with. She’s a good Christian. Good people always advice other regardless what your religion is, right? I hope you are agree with me about this.

An insight came out from my email to Flora. In the past 14 years ago, I started to live by myself. I ran my own life. Took my own sweet time. Set my own rules. Set my own boundaries. Had many or few casual relationships with men. And to be honest, I was really happy. I explored my life. I treasured single of my life experiences. I didn’t say every life experience of mine was beautiful. There were times, tough times in life made me mature and wiser.

I came home in 2012 for good, but still I was on and off to KL almost every month! I still kept my apartment in KL until 2013. Basically, I wasn’t being at home for good in those two years. Things changed 360 degree after my dad passed away. Most attention comes to me. Psychologically and mentally, I am exhausted. Worst when my financial is unstable 100%. I am scared every month. When I lived by myself, I managed my financially well. No debt until I put myself into a ‘bad decision’ – to help someone. Used all my saving instead for my own family. Took personal loans for nothing. The intention to help was good, but never a good decision to help a ‘person’. Anyway, I am paying my price till today. And I hope I can change this whole thing by work harder and earn more this year and pay off my debts. At least, I can reduce my debts to 70%, at least 50%. If I could pay off all of them- which I really hope, that would be great! It’s useless to think about my stupid decision, and I hope you guys out there, please learn this lesson. Never trust anyone except your own biological family. Hard to say, isn’t it?

Anyway guys, my point now is though I am sitting here by myself now, this is not my personal time I want. My ideal personal time is I have my own place to write, to have good coffee or at least some good drinks. So, I am thinking I need to start somewhere and I keep asking myself this evening. What is the thing I love to do?

Yeah, Starbucks is always my alternate home. But I hardly go to Starbucks due to my tight time. However, I never stop myself to get good coffee, though I have tight schedule. What I mean here is, sitting at Starbucks and write. Be there for hours and do my reading. Long time, I don’t have that privilege and of course I missed those moments 🙂 I love positive energy around me when I do my writing and reading 🙂 Weird huh? 😀

So, this year, I have a list the things I want to do. For my personal time, I want to go a place where I like to go. Believe it or not!?! To library! hehehe 🙂 I want to try and go to library at least once a week. I mean to the public library. I knew a renovated library nearby my house is open for public last year. It just me, I didn’t have time to go. I guess, I want to pay a visit tomorrow. It’s still Sunday tomorrow right? 🙂 I didn’t think of the nearest public library from my house. I was thinking of Pustaka Negeri Library- the state library 😉 I guess it’s good to check what in front of me first before I decide to go further. Hey, who knows the man who I am looking for, actually is in front of me. I am the only one who don’t see him! 🙂

Anyway, I am guessing..going to public library tomorrow will be my mission as my personal time. You know right, I love books. I love book smelling hehehe 😀 What a weirdo!

You know what, another ideal idea is when I can drink good coffee while reading at the library. Let’s checking out the library tomorrow. I hope I won’t miss my own personal time. I need to learn at least 2 hours for myself. That will be my personal achievement 😉 Just by myself. Enjoying my personal time. I am looking forward to this 🙂 What a silly plan for myself..but I really need this 😉 A new change and everyone especially me, need to be independent in person about my own personal time. Let me share with you tomorrow whether or not, I manage to go.

All right then, that’s my little plan for myself. May be I can go after my breakfast with my mom tomorrow.

Till then, take care and have a good night. I hope you have something to look forward as well.

Remember, we must love people around us. I am still learning how to love people around me 🙂 Let’s find love tomorrow and be loveable to all people around us yeah 😉

Love~ Emma xx.

Appreciate Your Siblings January 2, 2015

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Dearest my bloggers,

How are you? How was your 1st Jan? We had good weather yesterday. Today, the weather was cloudy, chilly, and so nice to chill, and definitely nice to sleep in.

I like cloudy day. Cloudy doesn’t mean dull and gloomy. How we color our day, it depends with which colors we choose. Individuals are controlled by themselves and/or sometimes influence by our surrounding.

No one wants to end his day in bad ending. I am scared if I ever did wrongly during the day. Worst if I did something wrong to my own family. I like living in peace. One of my prayers is to have a peaceful home.

Living with a special sister is not easy. I am getting older. My health comes into picture. I don’t know how to describe. But one thing I would like to share- please appreciate your siblings..your sister and brother. Trust me.. when you have a sister but you cannot talk to, you cannot share things you cannot share with others, when comes to really a personal matter, you are unable to talk to her or him, I guess today you need start talking to your sister and brother. I wish I had a sister or a brother who I could turn to. I know there are so many drama at home.

I don’t know whether there is a man who can really accept me and my family out there. When the episodes come, I just cannot control myself. I dislike myself at that state. I wish I could do more for my sister. For some reasons, I feel grateful I am still single. Focusing on my family, but still I don’t know what are the things I can do for her. I am so afraid I cannot do the whole thing by myself. I need a companion.. a true one..

Please keep me in your prayers. Only God can pay your kindness to you and your family.

Tomorrow is Maulidur Rasul. The birth of our Prophet Muhammad SAW. You know what, today is Friday. For a long time, I was not at home on Friday. As you know, male Muslims go to Friday prayers. This afternoon, it was so quiet. I still remember my late dad’s routine on Friday. Nearly noon, he turned on the radio and we could feel the Quran recitation till the Azan. He went to the mosque and after prayer, then we had our lunch together. I can imagine how my mom feels lonely. Missing the moments. The Friday moments. This whole situation makes me think what I want in my life. I want a Muslim man- in sya Allah. A true Muslim, definitely.

All right then, please cherish your sister and brother. If you are not talking to your siblings, please call them now or at least soon. Trust me, though I have my sister at home. We cannot talk. Whenever I initiate to talk to her, it always turns to the unhealthy conversation and reaction between both of us. She’s always in her world. I hope I can talk to her like two sisters talking. A question – Can I have that moment in this life?

It’s getting emotional guys.. write more later. No matter what happens, she is my sister. I am just afraid, if I get sick, who will take care of her?

Take care guys. Remember, love is always in the air. Call and talk to your sister nicely. Hug her. Trust me..I cannot hug my sister as I hug my other friends. Funny, doesn’t it? I know I am very touchy touchy kind of girl. But sadly, I cannot do with my sister. It’s always about rejection.

Love always from me ~ Emma xx

p/s: Sorry, I notice my idea are scattered. Disoriented. Please bear with me 😉

Happy New Year 2015 :D December 31, 2014

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Dearest my bloggers,

I wish you every happiness 😉 In few hours, we shall say GOOD BYE to 2014 and saying HELLO to 2015.

2014 has been a great, challenging, and beautiful year. So many happiness and sadness happened in my life, and I am sure you do too!

It is not easy to start a new year of 2014 without a father. This is my second year without beloved father but I always believe God always be with me, my family, and him. I distracted myself with work. Teaching, writing, and one of my biggest successes in this year is organizing the 1st Malaysia International Counselling Conference 2014 (MICC2014) which was held on 29 to 31 October at Hilton Kuching Sarawak.

MICC2014 taught me about life, relationship, friendship, and professionalism. The most important lesson I learned after MICC2014 was my relationship with my loving mother. Yes, I was blessed to have a great team, especially Kuching. Not only that, I had a great support from Kuala Lumpur and the MICC2014 participants around the globe were amazing too! 🙂 Bless them all!

Anyway, I learned with true friends around, sincerity, honest, and love, I managed to go through 2014. I ain’t a great and perfect person as daughter, friend, and acquaint, but I always try to be myself.

Towards the ending of 2014, bowling was a great sport.. I had a great bowling time. Out of blue, my bowling team won 1st Prize. Another unbelievable thing happened was I was the best bowler in my faculty! Praise to God. My faculty organized a friendly bowling competition and at that time, I was in the midst of assignments marking- and I guess I transferred my tiredness to bowling. It was a great feeling to chill and not be so serious about life.

In term of publication achievement, I guess MICC2014 helped me a lot. I published 5 articles. On top of that, I have submitted two counseling interventions of mine to my university publisher. I hope both interventions will assist counselors at schools or teenage/adolescent counselor in their counseling session.

I know, this year, there is no research grants going on..but I hope this year, I really need to focus on my research. Setting my research goals. Hope I can contribute something to my community. My passion is always with children and adolescents. I ain’t superwoman. But I always keep asking myself- What do I left after I died?

Oh yeah, the most important thing in 2014, I have submitted my thesis and am still waiting for my viva. I always believe God will give the right viva date. It’s been more than 3 months. I really hope my viva will be very soon. Please pray with me so that my three examiners read my thesis peacefully, understand my thesis, and happy with my writing and research. Trust me, waiting game is not for me. But this time, the waiting game really teaches me something.

Less than 2 months, I will be 37! Believe it or not! I am still hoping to meet a man who can accept me, my family and my life. It’s a lie if I said there was no man in my life. And you know me- last time I just wanted a casual relationship. And now..my heart open for a real one. Funny thing is I always fall into the wrong ones, I guess. Another funny thing is I always have the eye to non- ones! For some reasons, I feel much closer and able to be me with the non-Muslims. I don’t know. But what I want now is a man who can guide me to the right path. I want a Muslim man regardless his race is. Definitely, he needs to be my ‘imam’. Accept my mom and my sister, especially. Living with disabled sister is not always pretty. Oh Lord…. Please guide me..

Anyway guys.. life is beautiful There is ways to cherish and be grateful about life.

2015- I want to have a good life. Meet good people and away from not good intentions. Debt-free definitely. I hope whatever I do, I turn them into gold and one condition- I want to be down-to-earth in my life. I hope I can change my family’s life. Definitely to rebuild a new house- a mansion that suits to my mom and sister’s condition is always my dream. To hire helpers for them. I know I cannot do this by myself. But with Allah’s help, I am sure I can. Have faith and boost up my faith to Him. One thing I would like to do is I want to visit Allah’s home. I always ask – ‘When will be my time?’ I want to go with my mom and the next question will be- ‘How about my sister?’ If we go, I really hope there is a man who can perform Hajj for my late dad. And ideally, I really hope ‘that man’ is the one for me in this world. Can I meet this man this year? Soon perhaps? I hope my books are published. And I hope I have always the mood of writing.

Ok my dearest bloggers.. here am I – watching ‘Something New’. Great movie!

May you have a great evening…May we have a great 2015 with love and trust!

Remember guys.. if you feel lonely tonight, if you feel insecurity about yourself, remember that Emma is here 😉 Remember God and always be there for us 😉 Till then, take care.

Love~ Emma xx.

AirAsia Flight QZ8501~ Hope YOU are safe! December 28, 2014

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Dear all,

Let’s pray together ..hoping the Air Asia Flight QZ8501 is safe. My personal message to you – “Wherever you are, please be together. Be strong..Be calm..Be optimistic.. We here, are trying our best to find you.. hoping everyone is fine.”

Guys, I do hope with QZ8501 missing will show us MH370 is.. Who knows right? With God’s power and willing.. I cannot imagine how the family and friends who are related with them. Worked with the family and friends of MH370 this year really gave me a great deal about life. It is not easy!

Family, friends, Please be strong and stay positive.. with our positive energy, our prayers, For God’s willing, the passengers, crews, and pilots may feel the positive energy from us. amen…

Good night guys.. Good Night QZ8501..Good Night MH370.. For God’s willing, tomorrow will be better than today.. Hang in there k. *_* Let’s pray together.

Love you all ~ Emma xx.

Psycho-Emotional Support Team at UNIMAS December 28, 2014

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Hello everyone,

How are you? I reckon it’s not too late to wish my dearly Christian friends a very Merry Christmas.

I was thinking to write earlier, but due to the flooding, I have been involving in Psycho-Emotional Support Team for students. Though Kuching or Sarawak doesn’t affect directly, but psychologically, emotionally and mentally, do effect. Esp for the students who are originally from the effected states especially from Pahang, Kelantan, and Terengganu. It is not easy for any human beings on earth to be apart from loved ones, especially our parents and siblings. Students’ final exams are just around the corner! I guess you can imagine the symptoms or signs of depression, anxiety, stress, panic attack that may lead to physical problems such as sleep problem, heart problem..u name them.

This is part of crisis intervention. I know our part at university is tiny but we hope we can ease a bit of our students’ worriness and anxiety. We have came out with a flowchart for counselors and counseling session. If you are interested, please contact me personally? I tried to copy and paste here, unfortunately, I was unable. 🙂

Just this afternoon, another world’s sad news- Air Asia from Indonesia was found missing. Oh Lord! Please forgive us for our wrongdoings. Give us the greatest strength and patience to the family members.

Oh Lord! Please guide us to the right path. Please protect us, Ya Allah! In this situation. Please ease our ways to search for Your blessing.

Amin yarabala’lamin..

All right guys..write more later. Please take care of yourself. Drink clean and more water. Please see counselor if you have abnormal signs or psychological symptoms.

Don’t forget to take care for our children and teenagers 😉 They need us!

Remember..love from me ~ Emma xx 🙂